Your Body is Talking to You…

 Believe me I know.

Words have so much power and we often don’t realize it. Maybe we do when it’s too late. Our subconscious minds take what it “hears” and acts upon it.
It’s very symbolic in its language and it’s our job to interpret the hieroglyphics…and listen to them.

How many times have you said “I’m sick and tired”? Have you noticed that you get more “colds” or that you’re so tired?
Try telling yourself “Despite the circumstances, I have so much energy” or something similar. You don’t have to believe it right now. Just keep saying it and you will eventually believe it and your body will act in the appropriate way.

One of my most used terms especially when I was in the Navy (most of my life) was “I’m p*ssed off” or “that p*sses me off” or some variation. So, when my body was finally screaming at me with the power of the Incredible Hulk, guess what body system it showed up in? My kidneys. The entire saga is in “From Tipping Point to Turning Point.”

My body’s inner volcano began to erupt in 2016. And what a great metaphor it chose – I got Shingles which is definitely an eruption in/on the skin. Shingles is the chickenpox virus which stays buried in your system (as when we bury our emotions). When we are under stress, it makes itself known again becoming manifest in a horribly painful condition (Shingles) – the energy of your emotions has to be released and if you don’t deal with it, your body will do so eventually. Since I’m such a stubborn person, my body had to jack up the stakes. So I developed that horrific post Shingles nerve pain (“getting on your nerves”). it felt as if i was being stabbed in the back. And guess what. that’s exactly the type of situation that was occurring at work and i wasn’t able to deal with it. So this plagued me for 13 months causing me to almost end my life 3 times during that period.

At this point maybe there’s a better word to describe me than stubborn because I still wasn’t listening. Work was the pits. I had never been under that degree of stress at any point in my medical career – not even in the Emergency Room. I just kept plugging along, beating my head against the wall.

Then the lava flow started…in 2017 I almost died. In 3 months I was in the hospital for 5 weeks and out of work that entire 3 months. The stress had gotten to a point where there was no escape. My body’s goal, however, is first and foremost to survive. So, it found a way. It took me out of action for all that time. Talk about a humbling experience. I finally woke up – after all, that lava was hot! Since then I’ve grown in that I will listen to what’s going on inside of me.

Take some time – i know that’s dirty phrase nowadays but it shouldn’t be. Ask yourself what your body is telling you. Become an expert on body language – your own body language. You have your own dialect and it’s time for you to learn what the innuendos are. You will eventually find out but hopefully, you can nip any eruption in your own life.