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Terrie Wurzbacher
Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher

Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher is a retired Navy Captain. She served on Active Duty in the Navy for nearly 30 years and retired from the Navy in 2004. The last 11 years of her Naval career she served in the Disability System. She then transitioned into almost the same position as a civilian with the Army Disability System. In June 2020 in the middle of the pandemic she really retired, hanging up her medical and disability hat.

Retirement hasn’t stopped her. She has continued to pursue her love of metaphysics since moving to San Antonio, Tx in 2004. Getting Unstuck, LLC was her business and although it has been inactive since 2016/2017 or so due to illness, it contains a great deal of useful information on Metaphysics.

Other than ultrarunning (now walking) her heart is in helping people in whatever way she can.

She has published one book so far – “Your Doctor Said What? Exposing the Communication Gap”. Even though it was written in 2006, the information is still pertinent today and will help patients understand what the heck their doctor is really trying to say.

She has two more books in the works at this point (2020), one is about the doctor turned patient and her disappointment with the medical field. The other was originally going to be based on her attempted transcontinental walk in 2019 (aborted due to injury and now postponed due to the pandemic). Since the inception of the idea, though, she has decided to expand it to include any experience where she has “stumbled and fallen”.

In 2016 Dr. Wurzbacher developed Shingles (yes, she’s at that age). Unfortunately she also developed the follow-on condition of postherpetic neuralgia – a nerve condition which causes unbelievable pain and prevents wearing clothes that run over the affected area. Her battles with that over the last 4 years are discussed on her page “Living With Post Herpetic Neuralgia” and between that page and the one Honoring Veterans Across America there is amazing information on chronic pain and disease and neuroplasticity.

She still is trying to fulfill her 30+ year dream of walking across the United States. Thus, the continued interaction on “Honoring Veterans Across America” Facebook Page

Thank you for being here and hopefully you’ll find something useful!