About This Site

Terrie Wurzbacher

Welcome to my primary site. Although for years since its inception, I had a separate site for my business, Getting Unstuck, LLC, I am not actively writing for that now – since I became so sick in 2016 and 2017, I just couldn’t continue. I may get back to it or may not. But since there is a lot of good information in it’s years of pages, I have linked in this post and also in the menu of pages.

I have finally retired and am in the process of writing at least two books and I want this page to be the central page for all information pertinent to me. At this point in time (September 2020), the primary link that is my most active one is my Facebook Page – Honoring Veterans Across America. Even though the trek is in a hiatus right now (first because of injury, then because of work, and now because of the pandemic), I still actively write on that page and will pick up on my trek when this is over.

So here are the things in the works:

  1. Getting Unstuck, LLC – as I wrote above that is the most fact-filled and useful site I have – it’s filled with much of the metaphysical wisdom I have garnered since partnering with Dr. Anne Kunath who is a veteran New Thought minister. She taught me so much and all the others in her congregation. Metaphysics (also called New Thought, Not New Age) has been taught and studied well before “The Secret” came into existence. The movie/book helped people realize it existed. But you need to know that metaphysics is much more than just the Law of Attraction. Anyway, if you want to browse the site, I think you won’t be disappointed.
  2. Honoring Veterans Across America – This is my facebook page for Honoring Veterans Across America, the primary site for my attempted transcontinental trek (which i was unable to complete but intend to try to pick it up again). As I said, it is my most active site at this point.
  3. Living With PostHerpetic Neuralgia – I started this site when I developed the excruciating monster nerve pain that persists in some after Shingles. I need to update it and will do that but it has some info if you want insight into what it’s like to live with that.
  4. The Other Side of the Gurney – this is the page (not active yet but might be soon – at least the welcome part of it) where I will share info on what it’s like to be a doctor turned patient and how I really have become disillusioned with the medical profession. I have a fair amount of this book already written but think it would be better to share on Facebook, not just on a webpage but I do want some centralization.
  5. Stumble and Fall – this the “book” page for my upcoming book by that name. It was supposed to be just about the trek but in my mind it has morphed into much, much more.

There are more book ideas inside me so we’ll see what develops.

If you just somehow ended up here, go on over to the About page and see my info.

I appreciate your being here! Feel free to comment if you wish, or just lurk and read if that’s your thing. I hope that i will be able to bring you some information that will help or entertain you.