Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude: What are your dreams? Are they within reach? Sure you may have developed them when you had your eyes closed but once you have them as part of your plan, keep your eyes open and watch everything that happens around you. The realization that good things do occur out of your primary vision may help you discover the very thing that will make your goals materialize. Keep your eyes open and glance to the periphery frequently to see what might be there that might be of use. After doing these journey runs I find myself looking for churches and cemeteries (good places to rest) and water spigots. I don’t need them now (only when on the runs) but my mind is looking for useful things. As you have listed useful items or ideas or people for you to accomplish your goals, your mind will look for them. Make it a game and you’ll be training your mind to pick up all that’s available to you.