Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude: This is such a great quote to live by. It helps get you out of yourself. It also helps you focus on a goal that provides service beyond yourself. When you decide to do something, first think about how it will help others either now or in the future. If you write your goals down, include this variable in all your planning. This applies to everyday activities too. Did you throw something on the sidewalk? What if everyone littered and what if they threw things onto your yard? How would you like that? If you held the door for someone who was coming to the door but wasn’t totally there yet so that you had to wait some? Would that provide a good example for those watching you? Did you return your shopping cart? Everyone always uses that as an example but it’s just one of a kind. There are kids always watching you (and others – don’t get paranoid). If they see many people doing that don’t you think it will sink in more. Kids and others watch your activities. Set a good example in everything you do.