Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude: We’ve seen this said in other ways over the past year of Daily Gratitudes but I love how this is worded. We are always trying to be something else. How often do we stop and ask why we are trying to do that? Is it something you love and want to do or is it something you’re “expected” to do. Expected by parents, siblings, spouse, relatives, peers, teachers, spiritual “leaders”, etc. if we don’t take some time and more than a few minutes to look deep inside we won’t know why we’re chasing what we’re after. If it’s not a personal desire, there may be “failures” in your history and even in your future. You can use that as a guide. Look at your “failures” and see how and why you were there in the first place. You can change your desires- your real desires. Go for what you want-what YOU really want