Daily Gratitude

Isn’t it funny how this works? When we were younger (and maybe to some degree still) we probably thought some people had all the luck. But then once we got to know more about them, we realized these were extremely hard workers and that luck probably did not have much to do with it. So, the lesson here is to just keep working hard and your “luck” will come. Because it’s not luck. It’s studying and practicing and then learning more and practicing more. Olympic champions aren’t plopped out as babies with all the talent in the world. They have to work and work hard. That’s the key to getting what you want. I recommend the works of Napoleon Hill. If the nearly 2000 books I have he is the one author whose books line more of my shelves than any other. And even at my age I still study him. I just finished a 16 week course on his work. Your “luck” can definitely change.