Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude: I know a runner who personifies this perfectly. They (using this to protect the identity of the person) go from difficult race to difficult race and although there are not a lot of successful completions, this person is the most positive person I know. You can’t let each event get you down. You can’t quit just because the thing you tried didn’t work out exactly the way you want. Just learn from it and keep going. I recently learned from the Ohio race so it wasn’t a failure at all although if just looking at the surface it seemed that way. I’ve told you the same about my diagnosis of epilepsy when I was 21. That shattered my dreams of being a neurosurgeon. Thank goodness. I just kept marching on and what I ended up with enriched my life in more ways than being a neurosurgeon ever could. It behooves each of us to take a look at our past and see how this might be true in our lives. Once you do that it will give you a greater appreciation for this concept. No matter what, don’t stop moving forward