Daily Gratitude

 Daily Gratitude: Think about this one. I know I’m guilty of making “decisions” (you know – those “decisions” which are really judgments in disguise) without having all the facts. I was walking into the hospital one day and I was behind a young man with baggy shorts and a tshirt. As I was “deciding” (in my high and mighty way) about him (I don’t even know why it was important that I do that since we’d never meet) I got closer. As I gazed up at him, I noticed a scar running up and down his neck. I began to feel for him since it was obvious he’d had some sort of surgery on his neck (spine). My opinion of him changed immediately and I was filled with respect, for I would not want to endure that. Ask yourself why you need to make judgments next time you find yourself making snap ones. Do you have all the info or could you find out more?

I am grateful for all the great things I have experienced in the decades I’ve been on earth!