Looking for a last minute gift…or a way to start the New Year?

What if you just want some inspiration and thoughts to start your new year off right?

Just published today!

Reflection Journal: Life Lessons, Volume 1

I extracted 90 life lessons from “It’s Not About the Miles” and put in prompts for you to think about.

It’s one a day but there’s not dates so you can open the book to wherever you want and read a lesson, then journal about it…

or (as a Libra you know I always want to give choices)

You can just read the life lessons and not do any thinking or journaling….

This will last you 3 months and give you plenty to think about.

The good news is I think that if you order tonight (and maybe tomorrow) you can get it by Saturday. I suppose that depends on where you live, though, and if you have Amazon Prime.

Try it out!