Ancient Lesson #3

I decided I should call these lessons LOL lessons – Little Old Lady Lessons – LOLLs

Anyway- this week’s lesson is called the Package and Mail system

When things are bothering you and weighing you down, they are most likely thoughts and memories about the past or your own internal predictions of what’s going to happen in the future. For some reason we all think we are fortune tellers.

You have heard me repeat ad nauseum that worrying or focusing on the past or the future is simply a waste of valuable resources that you could use trying to accomplish the things you would like here in the present moment. “But how do I do that?” you ask. “I’ve spent my whole life worrying about all these things. You just want me to up and stop? That’s not fair.”

I’ve developed a technique that works for me and maybe will help you change this behavior. I was a pro at both worrying about the past and fortune telling. This is the ultimate in multi-tasking. I could do both of those things at the same time and I was definitely a champion at them both. They did me absolutely no good and plenty of bad.

When I find myself focusing on one of those things or on anything that is not within my control, here’s my process:

– I visualize finding the right size container for it – it might be an envelope if it’s only one thing or is small but with me it used to have to be a big old box. I’d get the box and the packing bubble snap stuff and oh, yeah, some packing tape.

– I see myself picking up the things I’m worried about – let’s say some lab tests, a dental appointment that’s coming up in two weeks, and whether or not I’ll be able to start my trek again NEXT YEAR. We can start with those things.
— So i gather them all together on the table and place them in the box, putting that bubble stuff between worries so they are nice and safe.
— Then I hold the edges down and lean over the package to make sure it’s held tightly as I apply the packing tape to keep things from falling out.

– I go find a mailing label and watch myself label it to the universe. If you are away you can address it to your home thinking you can better handle it when you get home. Since they are just worries, there really is nothing to handle better but if you really don’t want to get rid of them for good, you can use that. I send everything to the Universe so it can deal with them and most likely dissolve them since they are just taking up space anyway. The point it, I’m sending them out of my mind (conscious and hopefully out of your subconscious too) right now.

– Once the package is addressed, I observe the nearest mailbox – and for our purposes, all mailboxes will handle any size package. It gets too complicated if you think you have to go to the post office to get rid of some of these. I don’t know about you but I’m good at procrastinating on that and I would never get the package there. So, we’ll use our imagination and allow the mailbox that’s right across the street to accommodate anything we want to send.

– Out my front door I go, trotting over to stand in front of the mailbox.

– I open the lid and place my package there. Then I gently push it down into the box.

– I close the lid and say “goodbye”. The package (my worries) are no longer anyplace i can control or even see. I am done with them. The Universe will receive them and I no longer can clutter up my mind with these thoughts and worries.

– I move away and go about my business. If my mind starts to revert back to those thoughts, I remind myself “oops, you don’t have them anymore. So you can’t do anything about them. They are in the mail. Move on to something else Terrie.”

And if that doesn’t work, you can do a new letter or package.

Hope this helps you envision how pointless it is to worry about things that either have already happened or might never happen.

Enjoy a wonderful week full of LOVE and Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow.