Your Personal Power Lines

Another beautiful site I found on my walk. But it’s not just the picture but what it represents that really struck me. As I was strolling over to one of my favorite rocks to take a break, I looked up this road – and of course the temptation roared within me – not only was it a great hill I could use for training but more importantly the signs all said “private road! Do not enter” – we all know what that does to the innards of an explorer. But alas, I begrudgingly obeyed the rules.

However, still gazing down the road I noticed what this view really means. For some it will represent a religious experience, for others something else. I’m not particularly religious (what does that mean anyway) but am very spiritual and this view represents all I know deep in my heart.

At first look you see how long and steep the hill is in the distance. You think “wow” and depending on your purpose, outlook and mood you could follow:that thought with
“whew I’m glad I don’t have to go up that one” or
“nuts, I would love to try to train on that hill” or
“man, I wonder what the view is like at the top of that thing.”

But if you look up and to the left you’ll see something even more massive – the power lines. These lines carry all the power that you need to conquer anything in life. But often we miss it and stay stuck to the ground because we don’t look up. If we do lift our head, we’ll see that there is something greater outside of us that can travel inward and propel us up any hill or mountain we have to traverse. That power is there for us. It should be used wisely and safely but once recognized and harnessed we can overcome anything that stands in our way, no matter how insurmountable it seems.

The power without becomes the power within. Use it. It’s all around us. We just have to “ask” for its help and it’s right there above us. It will guide us down the path we need to follow and push our weary bodies up that hill so we can all revel in the view.

Have a powerful weekend.